A picture of an old football in a country field


As time has passed the game of football has evolved. Taking a part from the history section, the modern day game variations page displays the different types of football being played today.

National Football League

Generally, when people think of American football, they think of the National Football League. The NFL is one of the most visible sports organizations in America and continues to be the source of enjoyment for many people. The superbowl continues to draw records numbers as people tune in to see what may happen, reinforcing the dominance that the NFL has.

College Football

At the collegiate level football is a well known sport. Many fans and alumni alike regularly attend season games, all with goals to win a championship.

A picture of a Florida Gator football game A picture of a Florida Gator football game

High School Football & Flag Football

On the high school level, football is being played around America in droves. Mainly competitive, the sport resembles that of college football preparing future generations for college football. For an alternative many high schools have flag football offered for women, a similar less-contact sport.

A picture of a flag football game