A picture of little league football


This section deals with the players on the field and what their responsibilites are respectively. What exactly is the job of a defensive end? What all does the quarterback do?


Source: http://www.nflrush.com/fancentral/positions/


The quarterback is the head of the offense. He handles the play from beginning to end. Whether handing the ball off to a running back or throwing the ball to the wide receivers the QB is the guy who has to know everything. Much of the time, the QB is not only the leader of the offense but of the entire team as well.


The fullback is mainly a blocker. Sometimes he runs the ball, similar to a runningback, but his main priority is to pass block or run block.


The runningback is the person who runs the ball. The quarterback will normally hand the ball to the runningback, after which the running back will try to get as many yards as possible. The runningback may also be used in pass protection.

Tight End

The tight end can best be described as a blocking wide receiver. Although normally much bigger than wide receivers, tight ends generally share both blocking and catching duties.

Wide Receiver

The main job of a wide receiver is to catch the ball on passing plays. On running plays they block the man covering them (usually a cornerback) or act as if the play were a passing play and run the defenders away from the ball.

Offensive Line

The offensive linemen provide holes for the running back on run plays and protect the quarterback from defenders on pass plays.


Source: http://www.nflrush.com/fancentral/positions/


The safety is responsible for covering the deep pass. The safety is also normally a hard hitter.


The linebackers are the quarterbacks of the defense. They are between the defensive linemen and the safety. They normally call the defensive plays and are responsible for tackling the defender.


The cornerbacks cover wide receivers. They are also responsible for containing any runs to there side of the field.

Defensive Line:

A defensive lineman is the defensive counterpart to an offensive linemen. There goal is to penetrate through the offensive linemen and get to wherever the ball is located.