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In order to play football it is important to consider its history. This section has information pertaining to the beginning origins of the sport. All of the information that you ever wanted to know about football. What is football? Where did it come from? Who invented football? What teams were an integral part in forming the NFL? Your answers will be answered in this section.


Source: http://www.football.com/rulesabc/origins.html

Football can trace its orgins back to England and rugby. Rugby, a sport similar to soccer, was created as a response to soccer's inability to use the hands in play. This newly created sport made huge impacts on English society and soon would contribute to the formation of what we now call American football.

Rugby began to spread to other countries and eventually landed in the United States. Colleges began adopting the sport of rugby, however, substituting different shaped balls. As time passed and new variations of the game were created, Walter Camp proposed a series of rules to the sport of rugby which would eventually lead to the sport of American football.

Rise to Fame

Source: http://www.football.com/rulesabc/origins.html

The main reason for the NFL today is college football. It was a key component to the formation of professional sports teams. In fact, the rules and regulations of the NFL were all taken mainly from college football.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association(APFA) was formed "which later became the National Football League(NFL)." It wasn't until the 1966 merger, however, until the sport would achieve dominance, sweeping away other contenders. The merger consisted of the AFL (American Football League) and the NFL. After agreeing to retain the NFL name, the newly found NFL decided to create two divisions: AFC and NFC. The winners from the two conferences then would play in what we know today as the Superbowl.