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What You Need To Know

This site is dedicated to the instruction of American football. Here you will find the basic principles of the sport, how and where it came from, and where the sport is headed in the future. In order to better understand the sport of American football this site is broken into four main parts, each containing specific information to their respective specifications.


In order to play football it is important to consider its history. This section has information pertaining to the beginning origins of the sport. All of the information that you ever wanted to know about football. What is football? Where did it come from? Who invented football? What teams were an integral part in forming the NFL? Whether it be the NFL or college football all your questions can be answered here .


There are some general rules that pertain to American football, all of which you should know if you intend on playing football. Some rules vary by the type of football being played, for example college football has different rules than the National Football League. However, there are some generalities. This section emphasizes these overlaps.It is important to understand the rules of this sport as they will be your foundation for learning the sport.


This section deals with the players on the field and what their responsibilites are respectively. What exactly is the job of a defensive end? What all does the quarterback do? All of this information can be found here .

Modern Day Game Variations

As time has passed the game of football has evolved. Taking a part from the history section, the modern day game variations page displays the different types of football being played today. This information can be found in this section .