Using Flash

Girl on beach

While I won’t go into detail here since there are many technical aspects, I will touch on the basics of using flash.

A photographer can point their flash in a variety of different directions. They can point it directly at their subject, but this is usually discouraged because it produces a harsh, overly-bright image with shadows.

Bounce flash is usually preferred because it produces a more evenly-lit image. If indoors, you can either point your flash at a wall or on the ceiling. If you point it at the ceiling, the top of your subject will receive the most light. If you bounce it off a wall, the side of your subject closest to that wall will receive the most light, while the other side will receive a soft shadow.

If you are outdoors and have no walls or ceilings, you can use a white piece of paper, or even tin foil to bounce your flash.

The best technique is to play around with your flash and bounce it off a variety of different objects until your achieve your desired effect.

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