Exposing the screen

Itís all downhill from here. Next, you will be burning your image onto your screen.

Basic screen printing will be with only one color. Keep this in mind as you choose your image. Once you have created your image on a computer, print it out in black ink on standard, cheap computer paper. Some people also print on transparencies, but paper works just as well and is more cost-effective. There is also no need to reverse your image. Just print it out as usual. You can also draw your image on paper with a black Sharpie.

Bring the image into the darkroom and tape it face-down on the flat side. Cover the screen with a black trash bag and bring it out to the lights table, setting it flat-side down.

Cover the screen with a piece of eggcrate foam, a piece of wood, a heavy weight and the trash bag, in that order. Now you will turn on the UV light and time it for eight minutes. The amount of time may vary depending on your equipment.