The first step is coating your screen with emulsion. Emulsion is a purple-y liquid that will create an ink-resistant border around your image. This will make more sense as we continue the process.

Emulsion is light-sensitive, so this step should be done in a darkroom. Set your screen down with the flat side facing up. Scoop up some emulsion with an old credit card or gift card and apply to the screen as if repatching drywall or frosting a cake. Repeat until the screen is fully covered with emulsion, except for a one inch border inside the frame.

Wipe all excess emulsion off of the card, and use the clean card to scrape all excess emulsion off the screen. Go over both the front and the back of the screen. Make sure to touch up any thick spots--the thinner your emulsion, the better. You do not want any drips or thick patches.

Keep the screen in the darkroom to dry. You can place a fan in front of it if you’d like to speed up the drying time. Do not proceed to the next step until the screen is no longer sticky to the touch. It must be bone dry before exposure.