Why screen print?

Screen printing is a multi-step process that allows you to print graphics onto T-shirts, posters, hats and other items. Have you ever thought of a concept for a T-shirt that you couldn’t buy anywhere? With screen printing, you can create a design and print one T-shirt or 100 T-shirts.

To begin the process of screen printing, you will first need to find a studio or business that has the necessary equipment. For the purposes of this Web site, all screen printing was done at the University of Florida's Arts and Crafts Center in the Reitz Union.

screen printing tools

Some other supplies that you will need are a screen, emulsion, screen printing ink, and T-shirts or other materials to be printed on. Many of these supplies can be purchased or rented at the facility where you will be printing. All other equipment should be available for use, at some cost, by the facility.