Repetition is a principle of design you are probably seeing and using a lot without even realizing it. Architects, painters and magazine designers all use the repition to their advantage in their works, and as a photographer, it is a very easy way to create a stunning photo.

The Digital Photography School website says, " Filling your frame with a repetitive pattern can give the impression of size and large numbers. The key to this is to attempt to zoom in close enough to the pattern that it fills the frame and makes the repetition seem as though itís bursting out (even if the repetition stops just outside of your framing)."

Take a look at these photos to see how others have used the priciple of repitition to create an interesting design.


This is a photo I took in London. While one stroller alone would have made a nice picture, the repetition of the the line that the three strollers creates makes a statement and a stronger photo.


Repetition can also be used to make something stand out that isn't part of the repeition. In this case, the leading white horse stands out and the procession following balances out the photo.