Technology has improved tremendously in the past couple of years. Digital cameras are slimer than ever and produce great images. You can get a great camera for about $110-400, with megapixels varying from about 7.1 to 12.

  • Megapixels

    When choosing a digital camera, you need to pay attention to the megapixels. Pixels are the individual color dots that make up one photo. At the very least you should consider cameras with two megapixels (two million dots per picture) or more. This will ensure your photos will come out clear and professional looking.

    If you are looking to make nice enlargments(8x10s and 11x14s), a 5 megapixel camera will do the job. If you are trying to decide between a 7 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel, go with the 7 megapixel. At this point the higher megapixels means larger image sizes, and not necessarily better images. Larger image sizes means more expensive memory cards and more space on your computer's hard drive.

  • Zoom

    When purchasing a camera you may be confused by the different types of zoom, optical and digital. The important thing to look at is a camera's optical zoom. Optical zoom works just like a zoom lens on a film camera. The lens changes focal length and magnification as it is zoomed. Digital zoom simply crops the image to a smaller size, then enlarges the cropped portion to fill the frame again.

  • Avoid common these common mistakes . Don't be fooled by camera advertisments that combine the digital zoom and the optical zoom for outstanding zoom specifications. A 3x optical zoom is standard. If an advertisment promotes at 10x zoom be sure to look at how much of that is actually optical.

  • LCD Screen

    Along with the advance in technology, LCD screens have moved from the size of a stamp to the size of a post-it note. The LCD screen is a nice feature for reviewing and showing off your photos. When choosing your camera, take the LCD into consideration, but also the size of camera you want.

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