• Think before you buy

    Digital SLR cameras take very professional looking photos, however they are quite expensive and are not something you should't buy on a whim. In Mike Davidson's A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras he says, "We all love toys. We all love expensive toys. But nobody loves an expensive toy they never use. If you think youíre going to buy a DSLR and carry it around everywhere with you, youíre probably wrong. Itís heavy around your neck, itís easily lost or stolen if you put it down in a public place, and it will never blend into the fabric of your life like a pocket camera will."

    Nevertheless, having a digital SLR can allow you much more versatility in your shooting. It combines the good points of a 35mm camera, such as manually setting the shutter speed and aperture and the ability to change your lens, with the convenience of digital photography and being able to review your photos instantly.

  • The purchase

    The first thing I suggest is RESEARCH RESEARCH! Explore the internet and see what people are saying about their cameras. The links I have provided below is a great start. Stop in your local camera shop and tell the employees that you are looking for a digital SLR. They can provide great insight and might also have some used cameras for you to look at.

    In my opinion, Ebay is a great place to go looking for a digital SLR. There are many professional photographers that are selling their cameras just because they are upgrading to a better model. As always with Ebay, you have to be careful who you buy from and look around for the best deal, however I bought my camera off of ebay and couldn't be happier.

    Professionals also suggest you purchase both a zoom lens for versatility and a fast prime lens for low light and narrow depth of field.

  • Links

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    Nikon Camaras are a highly recommended brand