WUFT-FM: Mid-Florida Public Radio

I started at Gainesvilleís National Public Radio affilliate in 2003 as a reporter. Since then Iíve hosted programs like All Things Considered for WUFT-FM and spent time as the Assistant News Director.

Currently as the Sports Coordinator I manage a staff of ten and oversee a daily sports cast.

Tebow Mania

Since arriving on campus in 2006 Gator quarterback Tim Tebow has had a cult-like following. A national championship and a Heisman Trophy later Tebow is practically infallible to Gator fans. The following Florida AP award winning feature aired just prior to Tebow winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007.

Water Management

The state of Florida is facing its largest water crisis on record, and everyone seems to be fighting over the resource. Municipalities against developers, Florida against Georgia against Alabama, North/Central Florida against South Florida. In early 2008 I produced a three part series examining the stateís water issues.