Decisions, decisions, decisions...Finished Jar of Simple Syrup

As if red sangria isn't aready delicious enough, with your same simple syrup you can make another delicious variation of the cocktail, too!

White sangria offers a more light, refreshing version of the drink, which many people prefer.

Just in case a guest of yours happens to be one of them, you'll be able to whip the white up in no time!

Here's all you need:

2 Bottles of Spanish White Table Wine (any type of wine will do, and you shouldn't spend more than $8 per bottle) Bowl Of Pineapple Slices

3 or 4 Green Apples (or the equivalent amount in pre-packaged slices)

A large serving bowl or jug

A few extra pineapple pieces (if you have any left in your simple syrup mixture, you can use those)

3 or 4 extra cinnamon sticks

And, of course, your simple syrup! (about 1/4 of the mixture)

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