Pouring Orange Juice Into PotDon't worry, making the simple syrup is 90% of the battle!

Ok, now that you have the ingredients, let's get to cooking!

We'll start by combining all of the ingredients besides the liquor into a large pot.

Cut the fresh oranges in halves, squeeze them into pot and put the orange peels into the pot as well. The same goes for the lemon.Squeezing Orange Into Pot

Pouring Pineapple Slices Into PotStir the mixutre frequently and allow it to come to a boil. Make sure all of the brown sugar has dissolved. Let it boil fully for about 3 minutes, then remove the pot from the heat.

Immediately upon taking the pot off the stove, add the Grand Marnier and Spanish Brandy to the mixture and stir, stir, stir!

Let the mixture blend with the liquor in the pot for as long as you like, stirring frequently. I leave it in about 20 minutes while I clean!

Once you have let the simple syrup sit, stir it again and then transfer it into a large container for storage. I usually use a large jar.

You can put the orange peels, pineapple chunks and cinnamon sticks right in the container with the simple syrup. It keeps producing flavor the more it sits.

Simple Syrup Cooking On Stove And here's the good news:

Just in case you want to make several batches of sangria, this simple syrup can last for up to one month in your refridgerator! You can make it ahead of time, and simply mix it with the wine when you're ready to serve.

Remove the fruit from the mixture after the first few days so it doesn't rot and spoil all of your hard work.

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