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Simple syrup (also known as rock candy syrup, bar syrup or sugar syrup) is a base mixture for many cocktails and can be made many different ways. While a neutral, standard simple syrup recipe involves boiling one part water with two parts sugar, this recipe is different because we're using it specifically for sangria.

So here's what you'll need:

Liquor Bottles

Brown Sugar (2 lb. bag, I prefer dark, but light is fine)

Water (4 cups)

Orange Juice (2 cups, fresh or from concentrate)

Pineapple Juice (2 cups, fresh or from concentrate)

Oranges (2)

Lemon (1)

Orange Zest (3 tablespoons, optional)

Cinnamon Sticks (4)

Ground Cinnamon (1 tablespoon)

Pineapple (1 cut into slices or cubes)

Grand Marnier (1 small bottle, 375 mL)

Courvoisier or any Spanish Brandy (1 small bottle, 375 mL)

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