Party Time!Finished White Sangria

So, now you have everything you need to make delicious red or white sangria to bring to or serve at a party. But you can't just serve sangria, so what complements its taste?

Well, just as with white and red wine, there are different foods which pair better with the different tastes.

Sangria is generally thought of as a cocktail more than a drink to have with a full meal, so it is usually served with appetizers.

The appetizers most commonly served with red sangria are fried calamari, pepperjack cheese with crackers, and spicy meatballs.

Beautiful Red SangriaAny lighter foods or chicken and poultry better complement the white sangria, as they do white wine in general. Because the white wine gives white sangria such a refreshing taste, it would be the better choice out of the two for serving during a daytime event.

But even the variations of wines within the red and white categories will affect what foods, especially meats, are best for pairing.

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