film strip


Planned out her locations and knew specifically where she wanted them shot, or at least made quick decisions on location.

Her friends, the actors, knew in advance, and their schedules had to be kept in mind. With about 10 locations and a month of shooting the process was a little more relaxed than other videos may be.

As for a budget, there really wasn’t any. This was more of a people video, so nothing extra was brought in. She used a digital video camera. Simple and not extremely expensive, but invest in equipment if you are serious.

Remember, the camera is not what makes the movie, it is the creator!


No matter what your movie is about, some planning must go into it to make it a good one, and not just a goof for Youtube.

Videography sometimes parallels still photography. You still set up your shots on a tripod and think about composition and lighting. Think of the locations that you want to go and scout them out for the best time of day, or the angle that fits the mood/theme of your video.

Some of the locations were:
The Swamp and Library West
Thomas Center
Pizza Palace
His home, Laura’s apartment
Tampa, Fla.,
Other homes where the video was sent in for contribution

Create a checklist to be organized or keep the editing to a minimum by knowing what you want and when. So the shots are film with no wasted footage. Also think of weather, Mother Nature, unfortunately, does not care about your video. Above all, be creative and roll with it!

film strip