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Alyson's Headshot

I am Alyson Landry, a sophmore at the University of Florida studying photojournalism. This is my second Web site and final project for the introductory Web course MMC 3260. Our Web site was supposed to be a how-to project/demonstration using several multimedia techniques.

I decided to do a movie-making theme because videos and movies are everywhere now, especially in the journalistic realm.

Also, it was such a fun video to create and a great gift for Matt. Videos are simple, but can look professional. I hope to dive more into video making in the upcoming semesters.

Feel free to ask any questions or contact me at :


Headshot of Laura

Laura was the creator and the editor of the video. She was inspired by the “ Where the Hell is Matt?” video on Youtube and decided to make her own movie for a friend studying abroad in Botswana.

She is a senior at the UF studying anthropology. She has had an interest in film making for the past couple of years and will be doing a documentary internship for Back Space records. She will be documenting a band of theirs over the next semester. She graduates in May 2008.

She is also my sister.


Matt in Zimbabwe

Matt is an energetic, fun-loving person, who is also a senior at UF studying economics. He traveled to Botswana this semester because of his African studies minor. He is a beer connoisseur and has lived in Gainesville all his life.

He viewed the video on Facebook and loved it! The video is also posted on Youtube.

film strip