Step 4: Flaps

Picture of burrito after pulling up left flap

At this point you have tortilla flaps on both sides of the food. These flaps will create stable ends for your burrito by wrapping them both upward tightly to meet in the middle. While doing this, make sure you don't push down on the mound of food in the middle of the tortilla. This could cause it to squeeze out of the ends while you're trying to pull them up - a very difficult situation to remedy.

Holding the burrito in place with your right hand, take your left and pull the left flap up and over the food, pulling it tight enough that the food is secured. Then place your left hand on the burrito holding both the flap down and the food in place while taking your right hand to fold up the flap on the right side.

Picture of burrito after folding both flaps.

Caution: If you pull up too hard on the flaps, the ends of your burrito could begin to rip. Alternately, If you don't pull them in tight enough, your burrito will have no ends, and will probably fall apart.

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