Step 1: Fold

Picture of a flat tortilla.

The first step in rolling a burrito is picking up both the front and back edges and suspending the entire creation in mid air. This can be tricky depending on the size and contents of the burrito. The more liquid in the burrito, the more careful you will need to be.

Generally there should be no problem lifting the burrito, but if the tortilla feels too weak, instead of holding it straight up, rest the bulk of the creation on your left hand while holding the two edges of the tortilla with your right hand. This will add stability and allow you to support the burrito from the bottom.

As far as the entire rolling process goes, this is the step where most burrito rips will happen. If you do encounter a small tear, try to continue rolling as most tears around the edges of the tortilla will have no effect on the rest of the rolling process.

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