Before the Roll:

The Necessary Evils of Rolling Preperation

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Burritos, like all foods, require some preparation. You canít make an omelet if your eggs are bad so how could you hope to make the amazing burrito youíre capable of without the proper preparation? The follow are a few tips to make your rolling process as smooth as possible.


Tortillas should be stored just as you would store any other bread. They are best stored in an air-tight container in a dry place. Some brands of store-bought tortillas require refrigeration. This is more common among the flour tortillas than the corn ones. Keeping them as flat as possible is also important. If they are stored bent, they will remain bent. Heating the tortillas before using them will fix some of this, but after being folded in half, it is very unlikely that the tortilla wonít rip while rolling a burrito.


Heating the tortilla before attempting to make a burrito is a very important step. If youíve ever eaten fajitas at a restaurant, you know how pliable tortillas are after they have been warmed. In restaurants, commercial presses or steamers are often used, making this step very quick and easy. Just because you donít have a press doesnít mean this has to be any more difficult. When at home, you can simply put the tortillas you plan to use in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. During the heating process, you are looking for bubbles in the tortillas. Once you see bubbles begin to appear, that signals it is time to remove the tortilla from the microwave. If you leave it in there to continue bubbling, the tortilla will be tough and crunchy when you try to roll it. You arenít cooking it, just heating it through. And besides, when was the last time you had a crunchy burrito?

Cherry Tomato - common burrito ingredient

It is important to not put too many tortillas in the microwave at one time. Ideally you would do them each individually, but doing two to four at a time should be ok. When heating stacks, make sure the tortillas donít end up sticking together! To prevent sticking, heat the tortillas in small increment, rotating them each time.

But is this really all worth it?

I admit, this seems like quite a bit of work for a burrito. But really, itís the same guidelines that most people use for regular bread. And in the end, this will be the easiest way you find to continually make a stellar burrito.

Before rolling your burrito there are a few things you should do. Obviously, you should have all of your fillings prepared and placed in the center of the tortilla. And through the whole rolling process, keep in mind, SPEED COUNTS. If you go too slow, the tortilla could harden and not let you finish.

Onward! Let's go roll now...