So you want to make burritos?

Burrito. The word alone can make mouths water and small children jump in excitement. But how are these delicious creations made? For many, they pose a daunting task – trying to find the right ingredients, figure out how to prepare them, and finally … determine how to make all of that stay inside of a wiggly stretchy tortilla.

With the advent of Tex-Mex cuisine, burritos can now be anything you want them to be. From traditional to crazy, and even ones specifically for dessert or breakfast. The burrito has gained a following of devoted fans who will not be sated until able to create these chewy and filling pieces of what is becoming American culture.

The following pages will offer you a guide to making and enjoying these hand-held meals and giving you some insight into where they come from. While the burrito comes from a humble beginning, it is becoming one of America’s most sought after fast foods.

Happy rolling!

So lets start rolling...