Swim til the end
~Step by Step: Kicking~
Photo by Laura Kubitz
  1. Kicking
  2. Head Position
  3. Body Position
  4. Arm Strokes:Freestyle
  5. Arm Strokes:Backstroke
  6. Side Breathing

The kick for freestyle and backstroke is known as the flutter
kick and it is the easiest kickto learn. It is the kick most commonly
used when recreationally swimming and when snorkeling and scuba diving.
It is also the fastest of all the kicks.

The Flutter Kick

  • Use a kickboard to stabalize yourself in the water and enable
    focus to be completely on your kick.
  • Photo by Laura Kubitz
  • Start out with your legs straight and your toes pointed.

  • Tip: Make sure that your legs are not board straight
    and that your toes are pointed, but not rigid. Your feet act as fins
    that propel you through the water so they should be floppy and loose,
    but much fins that scuba divers use. If the feet are not bent correctly,
    you may find yourself kicking backwards.

  • To perform the flutter kick, bend your legs at the hip,
    not at the knee, and althernate moving your legs up and down.

  • The flutter kick is fast,so make sure to move your legs at a fairly rapid rate.