~Come on in, the water feels great!~

Swimming is for everyone

It's not just for the Olympian or an athlete training for a triathalon.
Water benefits everyone and everyone can benefit from the water.

Water is not only used in households and for growing crops, it
is used for recreational,fitness and competitive purposes. From
early morning high school swim practices to a day-camp going to
the YMCA pool for a field trip, people encounter pools and water
in many instances.

Knowing how to swim the two basic strokes, freestyle and backstroke,
can be a very rewarding experience. Once the strokes are mastered,
skills learned can provide security around the pool and the
beach, the ability to use swimming for effective exercise and a boost
in self-esteem and confidence.


Andre Thomas, a former competitive swimmer, swim instructor and
member of the UF Underwater Hockey Team, his favorite part
about swimming is how it kept him in great shape and made him
more relaxed when he had to sitdown and do other tasks,
such as studying.

Why Swimming?

Swimming can keep you healthy, teach important life lessons, and can
help you feel safe and confident in trying out other activities
around the water, such as boating and snorkeling.

According to About.com swimming can help build
muscle, increase endurance and improve cardio-fitness. It is
also a low-impact excerise and will not hurt your body like other
sports, such as running.

Swimming also helps with mental health. It allows time to let your
mind wander and is a great form of meditation. People that swim
often find themselves relaxed after a session of swimming and are
refreashed and ready to start their day. By participating on
a swim team or aerobics classes, it can provide a great social
outlet as well.

The sport also helps develop imporant life skills, such as sportsmanship,
the value of hard work, time-management and self-discipline.
Swimmers tend do better in schoo, than non-swimmers as a whole.