~Getting Started~

Quality is key

No matter how old or young, it is never to late to begin
swimming. Whether you are interested in joining a swim
team or starting to swimfor recreation, the most important
thing to do is to find the right equipment. Swimming Web sites http://www.flickr.com/photos/8622063@N04/2829421037/
and local stores carry items, such as goggles, kickboards and swim
caps, which are essential items for swimmers. They can also offer
advice on the best equiptment to get for kids, adults and
competitive athletes.

With most products, price equals quality. This is equally
true for swimmming equiptment. While stores such as Wal-mart
and Target offer lowprices on goggles and swimming equiptment,
you get what you pay for. It is worth it to purchase a piece of
equiptment that costs a little more because you will get your
money's worth. You also won't be annoyed with leaky goggles and
water in your eyes.

Here are some useful Web sites that sell equiptment from
teaching children how to swim to devices for training the advanced
competitive swimmer.

  1. Swim Outlet
  2. Speedo
  3. DJ Sports
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kendrickbrinson/110862496/

Swimming Lessons and Swim Teams Near You

USA Swimming is the organization that puts together all the
competitiveclub teams in the United States. On the Web
site, you can find a a swim club near you, to start a new club
and learnabout the requirementsto become a USA Swimming club.

The YMCA , or the Young Men's Christian Association,
has establishments all over the country. Many YMCA's have
swimming facilities and offer swimming lessons for all
ages and skill levels, from infants to adults and from
beginner to competitive swimmers.