Swim til the end
~Step by Step: Body Position~
  1. Kicking
  2. Head Position
  3. Body Position
  4. Arm Strokes:Freestyle
  5. Arm Strokes:Backstroke
  6. Side Breathing

The body position for freestyle and backstroke is a simple,
yet still important, part of learning to swim the strokes.

It is common to assume that freestyle and backstroke are swam
on the front and on the back. However,
both of these strokes should be swum primarily on the side.

When swimming freestlye and backstroke, use your hip and shoulders
to rotate from side to side.

Side to side through the water

  • Start out swimming on the front or on the back, depending
    on which stroke you are practicing.

  • In synchronization with your arm strokes, use your hips and
    shoulders to rotate from side to side.

  • Be sure to keep a correct head position. The head position
    is often incorrect for beginning swimmers learning this skill.

Although it is more difficult at first, this skill will make for a faster stroke.