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~Step by Step: Backstroke Arm Stroke~
  1. Kicking
  2. Head Position
  3. Body Position
  4. Arm Strokes:Freestyle
  5. Arm Strokes: Backstroke
  6. Side Breathing

Key Differences

The arm strokes for backstroke are similar to freestyle, but there
a few key differences. In freestyle, the thumb enters the water
first on the entry. On backstroke, the pinky enters the water
on the entry. In backstroke, the thumb comes out of the water
at the beginning of the recovery phase, while in freestyle the
pinky comes out of the water at this time.

How to Complete a Successful Backstroke Arm Stroke

  • Start out floating on your back and kicking at the
    same time, with both arms down by your side.

  • Begin by moving one arm out of the water around in a
    circle, similar to the windmill movement of the arms
    during freestyle. Your thumb should come out of the water first.

  • Tip: Make sure your arms stays as
    close to your body when completing the stroke. As
    in freestyle, the upperpart of your arm should be
    close to your ear when your arm is going above your
    head during the stroke.

  • Once your arm has come completely out of the water and
    is above your head, bend your elbow 90 degrees and pull
    under the water. Make sure your pinky enters the water

  • Right before your arms comes out of the water, speed up your pull.
    This phase of the stroke, known as the power phase, is the
    strongest part of the pull and should be utilized.

  • Repeat these steps over and over with each arm in a rapid circular