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Coffee drinkers seem to have their own language sometimes. Here are some of the keywords you should know to be conversational about your coffee.

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Steaming cup of coffee

Steaming cup of coffee

Steaming cup of coffee

Steaming cup of coffee

Iced coffee

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Black coffee

Acidity – describes the “tartness” or “tangy” quality felt in the mouth. May range from low to high. Words that describe it include: “bright,” “tangy,” “sparkling” and “crisp.”

Americano - a shot or two of espresso that’s poured into a glass and filled with water. One of the strongest coffees available.

Aroma - a combination of what we taste and what we smell. Words that describe it include: “exotic,” “floral,” “winey,” “earthy,” “fruity,” “pungent,” “sweet” and “clean.”

Barista - person who makes coffee drinks as a profession.

Body – describes the weight or thickness of the beverage on the tongue. It is the lingering after-taste felt on the tongue after the beverage is gone. Ranges from light to full.

Breve - cappuccino made with light cream.

Café Au Lait – brewed coffee and steamed milk

Cafe Latte - a shot of coffee, filled with steamed milk, and topped with milk foam.

Caramel Macchiato - an espresso drink with caramel, vanilla and foamed milk. Usually topped with caramel.

Cafe Mocha - chocolate syrup, topped with espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles.

Cappuccino - one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one third foamed milk on top to contain the warmth.

Crema - the tan foam that forms when you brew espresso. Crema makes a "cap" which helps keep flavors and aroma of the espresso contained within the cup.

Dark - roasting term meaning dark brown beans with a shiny surface. Equivalent to espresso or French roast.

Double – two shots of espresso

Drip – a regular brewed coffee

Dry – no foamed milk

Earthy - an odor taint in the coffee beans that produces a mineral-like taste sensation. Results when fats in the coffee beans absorb organic materials from the ground in the drying process during harvesting.

Espresso - A one-ounce shot of rich black coffee made and served immediately. It is created by pumping hot water through fine espresso grounds at high pressure.

Fair Trade Certified - Fair Trade raises incomes and living standards for small coffee farmers overseas. The organization promotes self-reliance and equality for farmers who are disadvantaged under present trading conditions.

Flavor - refers to the total impression of a drink’s aroma, acidity and body. Words that describe it include “chocolatey,” “nutty,” “winey,” “fruity,” “spicy,” “woody,” “earthy” and “smoky.”

French Roast - the bean is roasted high enough to bring the natural oil of the coffee to the surface, giving the cup a roasted flavor. Does not refer to beans from France.

Froth or Foam - steamed milk that has become thick and foamy.

Full – moderately strong drink

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