Blizzard the Penguin

The steps below will show you how to draw Blizzard. It will help if you practice drawing ovals before you get started.

Penguin Step 1

Step 1

Begin by drawing a small oval right on top of a larger oval.

On both sides of the larger oval, draw a triangle pointing away from the oval.

Trace the outline of these shapes and then erase them.

Penguin Step 2

Step 2

Now trace the inside of the shape you have, making sure to keep the edges round to leave space for the penguin's flippers.

In the top part of your shape draw a triangle, point-down. Inside of the triangle draw two small vertical lines to finish the beak.

Above the triangle draw two small dots for eyes.

Penguin Step 3

Step 3

Draw feet on your penguin by connecting jagged lines at the bottom left and bottom right side of the shape.

Fill in the outside outline, and you've created Blizzard the Penguin!

If you're still having trouble, check out the slides below!

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