Oswald the Moose

Once you master how to draw Oswald, you can play around by decorating his antlers. During the holidays Oswald can sport Christmas ornaments and lights on his antlers. They can also serve as a coat rack!

Moose Step 1

Step 1

Begin by drawing a large oval with a smaller horizontal oval directly underneath it.

Trace the outline of the two ovals and erase them.

Moose Step 2

Step 2

Draw two large ovals inside of the shape for eyes. Draw two smaller, filled in ovals inside of them.

At the bottom of the face, draw two small dots for the nose.

On the top left and right sides of the face, draw a half circle with a diagonal line connecting the edge of the circle to the outline of the face to make ears.

Above the eyes draw two small lines as eyebrows.

Moose Step 3

Step 3

Along the bottom edge of the face, draw a half circle with a smaller half circle inside of it to create the mouth.

Finally, draw a wavy line extending from the right ear and continue into a straight line connecting back to the face to complete the antlers.

The last step is a little tricky, so check out the video below to get some extra help!

Watch how I drew Oswald!

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