Lenny the Lion

Lion Step 1

Step 1

Begin by drawing two triangles, one on top of the other. The triangle on top should be pointing up, and the triangle on the bottom should be pointing down.

Then, loosely trace the shape of the two triangles and erase them, leaving the outline.

Lion Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw a small triangle inside of the outline point down.

From the bottom point of the triangle, draw two half circles extending towards the edge of the face.

From the top two corners of the small triangle draw two diagonal lines slanted away from the edge of the face.

Along the top left side of the outline, draw one half circle and another small half circle inside of it to make an ear. Repeat this for the right side.

Lion Step 3

Step 3

Draw two ovals above the nose and fill them in with two smaller ovals to create the eyes.

Connect the ends of the two half circles beneath the nose with an arc to create a mouth.

Inside of the mouth, place teeth by drawing two triangles, point-down coming from the top of the mouth.

Lion Step 4

Step 4

Draw three straight lines on both sides of the nose to make whiskers.

Place a small line above either eye as eyebrows.

And last, but not least, draw a big fluffy main around Lenny's head by following the shape of his face with a wavy line.

Congratulations, you've created your first animal! Now it's time to move on to some others!

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