Gregory the Gator

Gregory is the last and most difficult animal we will draw. His shape is not based on plain shapes like the rest of the animals. It is important to practice drawing wavy lines and to make sure you follow the curves of the lines you have already drawn.

Gator Step 1

Step 1

Begin by drawing a wavy line that continues around the waves, and goes back up.

From the end of that line, draw another that bends around to connect to the bottom of the first line again.

Gator Step 2

Step 2

Trace along the edge of the bottom line, stopping just before you reach the end of it.

From the top of the shape, draw a wavy line parallel to the other shapes drawn.

At the end of that wavy line, draw two connecting arcs.

Confused? Check out the video below!

Gator Step 3

Step 3

Below the two arcs at the top of the page, draw oval shapes to create eyes. Fill those in with a smaller oval like we did on the previous animals.

Under the arcs towards the left of the shape draw two dots for the nose.

Now draw a wavy line from the back of the eyes down past the mouth.

Create a similar straight line coming from the bottom of the mouth parallel to the wavy line.

Gator Step 4

Step 4

For the finishing touches draw teeth inside of the mouth by drawing triangles coming up from the inside curves. Draw as many teeth as you like!

If you want to add a little more detail, draw a half-oval in the neck area and fill it in with horizontal lines.

If you're having trouble, check out this video!

Practice makes perfect, so practice drawing Gregory the Gator over and over again until he looks the way you want him to!

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