Electric guitar

Buying an electric guitar

While I found the acoustic guitar to be the proper instrument for me, not everyone is suited to learn on it. There are many factors that may make the electric guitar a better fit for you when you learn to play. In this section, youll find several reasons why an electric guitar might be your best option, as well as what to look for when buying one.

Who should buy one

The consensus seems to be that electric guitars are slightly easier to learn the basics on. This is because they are much smaller than acoustic guitars, and the strings are generally easier to press down. You're going to want to start with an electric guitar if you want to play rock music.


There are some benefits to learning on an electric guitar. The first was already mentioned. It is generally easier to learn to play on an electric guitar. They are easy to string, as most just have you pull the strings up through the back of the guitar. They're also easier to tune than acoustic guitars — just plug the guitar into an electronic tuner and pick the notes.


Electric guitars can have disadvantages as well. First, though they're easier to learn the basics with, they have several knobs and switches that can be confusing at first. It's best to avoid weighing yourself down with the finer points of these instruments until you have the basics down. They also tend to be more expensive. Aside from purchasing the guitar itself, you need a guitar cable and an amplifier just to be able to play and make any sort of decent noise with the instrument. You can't just take the guitar anywhere; you'll generally need electricity to play.

Things to look for

If you decide the electric guitar is for you, you should consider a few things before buying. First, as mentioned on the page that discusses buying an acoustic guitar, you'll want to test the guitar out and make sure you like how it sounds. Test it on an amp you're likely to buy with the guitar. Check it for defects. Ask the store employees for suggestions, as they usually know a lot about guitars in general.

Price range and recommendations

As mentioned above, buying an electric guitar can be more expensive than buying an acoustic guitar. You can get bundles that are relatively inexpensive (around $200 or so), but I tend to stay away from those because you have more control over everything if you buy components separately. My electric guitar is an Ibanez GRX20L left-handed guitar, and it cost about $230. I also bought a small Ibanez 10-watt amp for about $60 and a guitar cable for about $10. All in all, it actually cost less than my acoustic guitar, since I splurged a little and bought a nice acoustic-electric. For the purposes of learning to play, this set of equipment will suit you just fine. If you get really serious though, I'm sure you'll start looking at the high-end Ibanez, as well as Gibson and Fender. But that's far down the road. First you need to learn to play.