Of course I didn't do this whole project entirely on my own. I had the help of numerous sources to guide me on some of the finer points of learning about the guitar. On this page, I've listed the various sources I used. They are listed according to the pages to which they contributed information. You should definitely use these as references and further reading.

Buying a Guitar

Some useful information about the pros and cons of both acoustic and electric guitars. - Which is Better - Acoustic or Electric

Parts and Care

These Web sites all provide good information about the various parts of the guitar.

Learning to Play

Here is a very handy Web site that I use all the time when I encounter a chord I've never seen before. The style of tablature is a little different, but you should be able to learn it pretty quickly.

Notes and Steps

These Encarta Encyclopedia entries go pretty in-depth into musical theory. I found them useful because they very clearly explain the basics of music theory.

Playing Songs

This is the official fan site for the late Elliott Smith. They have his music catalog and lyrics and tabs for each of his songs. If you're an Elliott fan, this is an excellent source of information.

I hope you've enjoyed using this Web site to further your musical aspirations. Good luck!