How to: Change Your Oil

Close Holes


Replace the drain plug, tightening only as tight as possible with slight force. You still want to be able to remove it for the next oil change. Wipe area clean.

Prepare New Filter

Open your shiny new oil filter and check the seal for any debris. The slightest dirt particle could cause a serious leak.

Now open one quart of new oil and dip a clean finger in the oil. Rub this oil onto the new oil filter seal, this will keep the seal from heating to the engine and coming apart.

Fasten New Filter

Using only your hands, attach the new filter. Tighten as tight as possible with your own strength (if you're a weakling, maybe you should get your brother or boyfriend to do this part.) I recommend never using the oil filter wrench for tightening, you can get the filter too tight and with the heat of driving it will be ridiculously difficult to get off next time.