How to: Change Your Oil
Oil Cap

Refill Oil

On the top of your engine, you should find a cap with the word "Oil," unscrew this cap. Place the funnel into the opening. While holding the funnel, pour the new oil into the engine. Use the required amount according to your owner's manual. Remove funnel using rag to make sure nothing drips onto your manifold (oil drips will smoke when the engine is on.) Now replace the cap.

Fill the Oil

Check Fluids

After checking to make sure all tools have been removed from under the car, remove the braces and slowly back down the ramps.

Once you are again on level ground you can check the fluids. The five major car fluids are:

Not all fluids are in every car, but be sure to check your owner's manual for types. And I know you just refilled the oil, but check it again anyways. Once you start the car, oil runs into your filter and through the engine, the oil will most likely be low once you move the car.


Congratulations, you just changed your oil for the first time, hopefully there weren't any problems. Now you can join the blue-collar boys down at the pub for a drink! Or you could just go shower and take your car for a spin!