How to: Change Your Oil


Oil Pump

As your teachers have probably told you, oil is made from squishing dead dinosaurs. But to be more realistic, most of the oil we use is gathered from beneath the bottom of the ocean where thousands of single-cell organisms died and were, over millions of years, covered with earth and compressed into oil.

The gooey mess that is pumped up from within the Earth is referred to as "crude oil." After removing the impurities, crude oil can be broken down into kerosene, gasoline, lubricant, motor oil, tar and wax.

Motor Oil

The purpose of motor oil is to reduce the friction in your engine by providing a barrier between the moving metal parts. It is an essential part of a healthy engine.

The basic rule: an oil change is necessary every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. But if you, like many people decide that your engine could handle going just a little longer, beware!

Black Death

If you decide to ignore your motor oil responsibilities, you could become a victim of "Black Death." When oil gets old and is exposed to high heat, such as in an engine, it can warp its chemical make-up and become a tar-like substance. Essentially, its like putting black glue into your engine, good luck getting that to get you around town.


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