How to: Change Your Oil

Prepare the Car

Before you begin, make sure the car is not hot, I recommend not driving the car for at least 3 hours prior to any maintenance work under the hood. After making sure to be on level ground, place the wheel ramps in front of the front tires, pull the car onto the ramps and brace the back tires with braces, a piece of wood will also work. While you are on the ramps, move the car into Park and pull the Emergency brake, let the car idle for about 5 minutes to loosen up the oil.

Drain Plug

Pull the Plug

After you've turned off the car, you may slide underneath the front of your car and find the oil drain plug. Place the drain pan underneath the plug on the ground. Pull out the socket wrench set and find the correct size and loosen slightly.

As you loosen, oil will begin to drip into the pan, now you can hand thread the plug out and wipe it off. Allow the oil to drain completely before moving the drain pan.

Oil Filter

Remove Old Filter

Now move the drain pan underneath the filter. Grab the oil filter wrench and fit around the filter. Twist the filter slowly loose, you can now remove the wrench and unscrew with your hand. Be sure to keep the filter facing upwards until it is off of the car, now you may turn it over into the drain pan. For disposal instructions, visit Car Info.