How to: Change Your Oil

Proper Disposal

There are very strict regulations about oil disposal, so your best bet is to use the now empty oil bottles and fill them with the old oil from the drain pan, you can also place the old filter in the filter box and then in a plastic bag. Most auto part stores offer a disposal service, so just take a drive to your local parts store and they will take care of it for you!

But never and I mean never dump oil out onto the ground or down the drain! It is a danger to yourself and the environment, not to mention that it will kill all of the grass around the spill, so all of your neighbors will know what you did!

How Weather Effects Your Oil

If you live in an area that reaches extreme tempuratures, be sure to check the owner's manual or with a mechanic before purchasing your oil. Most cars in these conditions need different oil for different times of year.

But if you're a true DIY-er, then read How to Choose the Best Motor Oil for Your Climate. This article will give you a quick run through of what is necessary to fit your needs.

Oil Additives

There are thousands of products out there to add to your oil. My recommendation is that unless your car is high-performance or an antique, most of these products are unneccessary. But if you really want to try one, I recommend Slick 50 or DuraLube.