Dinner is Served

The following dinner menu is a delicious and filling meal. While the elements go together deliciously, they can each be made by themselves as a little something to spice up any plain mid-week meal with your own favorite additions.

Pescado con Mojo Isleno: Fish with Creole Sauce

Pescado con mojo isleno is a simple white fish dish with a traditional Puerto Rican red creole sauce. The sauce can be made in one bowl, making clean up easy, and because it is a fish dish it is healthy as well as delicious.

Multimedia presentation on how to make Pescado con Mojo Isleno

Arroz con Gandules: Rice with Pigeon Peas

Arroz con gandules is a very traditional Puerto Rican dish that is bursting with flavors from the island. In this side dish, rice is not the star of the show. Olives, peas, tomato sauce and lots of other flavors combine to create a truly delicious, hearty addition to any meal.

Multimedia presentation on how to make Arroz con Gandules

Tembleque: Coconut Custard

This dessert is a rich coconut custard that is native to the island. It is fast, simple and delicious.

Multimedia presentation on how to make Tembleque