How to Brew all Types of Tea

At its simplest, brewing tea involves dropping a tea bag into hot water. But, for those who strive for perfection, the process takes a bit more effort.

Some people heat the tea cup before using it, but that step is optional. Simply heat the water and pour it over tea leaves. After it steeps, remove the leaves and add cream or sugar as desired. The most important thing is not to boil the water too much or steep too long for the type of tea you are using.

There are many devices like tea bags, tea balls and infusers that allow the tea leaves to be easily removed before drinking. Infusers and other cups or pots that let loose leaves float freely in the water are best because they give the leaves more surface area.

Tip: When reusing tea leaves, steep for less time but use hotter water than for the first use.

Tip: The most important ingredient is the water, not the tea. Always use filtered water.

The water heat and steeping time depend on the type of tea, according to Plymouth Tea Co.