Why Drink this Stuff Anyway?

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage on earth after water, and its popularity is not without reason. Some people like the taste: the sweetness, earthiness, smokiness or richness of it. Some appreciate the variety and like being able to drink different types and flavors of tea to suit every mood. Tea also has a rich history that seeps into every cup and its consumption is deeply-rooted in many cultures around the world.

Pouring tea into a cup

Tea does not have to be associated with illness. It does not have to conjure images of flannel robes and fuzzy slippers. Tea is awesome. It is delicious, healthy and relaxing. For tea-lovers, opening a cabinet full of tea bags and leaves of different types and flavors presents an exciting choice. It is like looking at a shelf full of books you like, or turning on your iPod to find someone added a new album from every band whose music you own.

Whatever the reason, tea is here to stay, so brew yourself a pot and have a look around.