What genres do you like?

No matter how good Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is, my grandmother is never going to enjoy it. Even if 27 Dresses is the cutest movie ever made, my brother is going to be waiting for something to blow up. Many movie types appeal to a broad audience, but there are a few categories I have noticed that some people do not care for. I personally care for all genres.

There are:

  • horror movies
  • suspense thrillers
  • gory horror movies
  • big blockbusters
  • action movies
  • sci-fi movies
  • fantasy movies
  • animated movies
  • family movies
  • political dramas and comedies
  • anime movies
  • black comedies
  • raunchy comedies
  • romantic comedies
  • religious movies
  • film noir
  • westerns
  • movie musicals
  • silent films
  • war movies
  • foreign films
  • documentaries
  • period movies
  • true stories and biopics
  • avante garde pictures
  • sports movies
  • dramas
  • crime epics
  • and many more

    Figure out what the genre is first, then rule out any you donít normally care for.

    If you want to broaden your horizons or test a new genre, search for popular movies in that genre and go to Blockbuster and rent two of them. When you go to the theatre, you want it to be a movie you know you and the people you are going with are interested in.

    Make a list of the genres you know you are not interested in and avoid them in the theatres. For a list of movies by genre, go to filmjabber or other movie sites. To find out a movieís specific genre, you can go to Yahoo Answers and ask people who have seen it what kind of movie it is, or you can go to RottenTomatoes and Yahoo Movies. Yahoo Movies can also provide lists of movies playing in your area, movie times and locations.

    Made 4 December 2008. Photo credits mconnors. retrived from www.morguefiles.com. by Erin Hughes.