The soft-serve machines have three settings, each serving a different purpose. Each setting has a button and light on the machine's front, one for each hopper and freezing chamber unit. To switch between the settings, turn off one setting and then turn on the new setting by pressing the corresponding buttons.

The setting used for serving yogurt is the Auto setting. This freezes the yogurt and, when a lever is pulled, activates the drive shaft, which turns the beaters and pushes the soft-serve out through the machine face to be served.

The Wash setting is for cleaning the machine and maintenance. It turns off the cooling unit for the freezing chamber and constantly spins the drive shaft in order to help move all old product out of the chamber.

Standby is the third setting, and it is used when the machine is not going to be in use but should not be emptied. This keeps the yogurt in the freezing chamber semi-frozen but does not activate the drive shaft so that product will not be dispensed.