This page is designed with the intent of aiding TCBY employees in the maintenance and use of the Taylor soft-serve machines.


The most important thing to remember about any piece of machinery is that proper maintenance is key to keeping it in good, working order.

The soft-serve machines at TCBY are provided by the Taylor Co. They have two reservoirs called hoppers that can each hold a flavor of yogurt or sorbet. Each hopper has a hole that feeds a freezing chamber in the machine which leads to the front of the machine where it is served. The flavors can be served individually or swirled together.

The machines require daily maintenance and care. In the morning, prior to the beginning of the business day, some maintenance must be performed. The machines must also be cleaned at the end of the night so that they are ready for the next day.

This site contains the information needed to care for these machines as well as use them. There are pages on the settings for the machines, product types, advice on serving and a photo gallery of the parts of the machine.