Backpack Europe eiffel tower

Planning a Route

The first thing to do when planning your route is to decide where you want to go. I created this map to give you an idea of some of the most popular and interesting places to visit. Many of them were suggested to me by Jana Olutola of World Class Travel.

To see any of my marked places click on the blue placemarks and an information bubble will appear. You can zoom (+ -) and move around the map using the arrows in the top-left corner.

If you'd like, you can click on "View Larger Map" and it will take you to this map on Google's site, where you can search for locations other than the ones I tagged.

You would probably love to see all of these places and more, but you may not have the money. The best way to narrow it down is to make a list of all the places you'd like to visit, and then sort those places into "must-see's" and "maybe's." First pick countries, then pick cities in those countries.

Keep in mind that you want to have atleast 2-3 days in each city, which includes travel time.

After you made a good list, you must decide how you will get to Europe. Are you going to fly to London? Frankfurt? Madrid? Maybe Pamplona first, since the running of the bulls is something you don't want to miss. These are the types of things you must think about. The best way to decide this if you don't have time constraints is to fly when and where it's cheapest.

After you decide where you're flying into and which countries you will be visitng you should go to Rail Europe's web site and check train departures and travel times between cities.

Now, you're ready to move on to my transportation page to learn about air and rail travel in Europe.