A breif over-view of the game of golf.

Before you take your first swing, its important to understand that golf is very different from a lot of other sports.

First, golf isn't played on a standard playing area. Most golf courses differ in their size, make-up, and even the number of holes. Most courses, however, are made up of either 9 or 18 holes.Clubhouse where golf originated

The earliest account of golf are found in Scotland. But today, the sport is played world wide, with most courses in affluent countries.

Another difference with golf is that the lowest score, the fewest number of strokes, wins the game. Each hole is designated a number of strokes that a players should take to get the golfball from the tee box into the hole. Shooting par is playing the golf course in that number. Each course's par is different.

Golf has become increasingly popular. It is an asset in the business world, especially. Many business colleges now require their students to take basic golf classes to better prepare them for meetings that will take place on golf courses.

Golf has remained popular because it is as much about the mental discipline of a person as it is about the physical. Most golfers aren't built like linebackers, and the reason for that is that the sport has so little to do with how much a person can benchpress.

The ability to master golf cannot be found in a protein shake.