Some useful golf equipment.

If you're going to be playing a lot of golf there are a few things that will come in handy.

Golf clubsGolf clubs can get pretty pricey, so most courses will have clubs for rent. If you really want your own set, you can go to a used sporting good store and buy a discount set for a relatively small fee, about $75.

If you're going to be walking the course, it's nice to have a bag that stands on its own so that your clubs don't hit the ground and fall all over the place when you need to set them down. Courses generally have golf caddys, which you place your bag on to roll around the course. Usually these are rented for an extra $5.

Golf gloveGolf makes your hands hurt, and the first few times you play you'll probably get blisters, but a golf glove will help with that. Again, many courses have these for sale. They will cost between $10-$25, but they're worth the money to keep your hands from swelling and blistering.

Bucket of golf ballsTee's are available in all different size, but when first starting to play, it's best to stick with medium height, which will get your ball about an inch off of the ground. Remember, you only use tees when you're hitting from the tee box. When the ball gets onto the fairway you must play if from the ground.

And, of course, you'll need golfballs. You'll probably lose a few balls the first time you play, so I would recommend starting off with inexpensive ones and gradually work your way up to the good stuff.