Always Stretch Before Every Workout! Here's How:

Stretching for Gymnastics

Stretching is an essential part of gymnastics, much like any other sport. Gymnastics uses basically every muscle in the body, so it's important to stretch everything very carefully. View the slide show to the left for tips on how to stretch out before a gymnastics workout. This stretching routine is one I've done for years, but everybody is different. As you go through the stretches, pay attention to the areas you need to improve the most and spend a bit more time on them. Try to build a stretch routine that works for you. Also note that the slide show is a quicker version of the routine. In reality, you should hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds, and try to reach a bit farther each time you hold a stretch.

Benefits of Regular Stretching

The Importance of Flexibility in Gymnastics & How to improve yours

The importance of flexibility in gymnastics is huge. There are many skills that require a gymnast's body to bend and stretch in ways that surpass the normal person's flexibility level. If you are not flexible, you may not be able to learn or perform certain skills. A lack of flexibility could also cause your skills to look sloppy. The only way to become more flexible is to stretch, and stretch often.