About Me & Special Thanks

Gymnastics Jump

My name is Valerie Garman and I am a former gymnast and coach. I competed in USA Gymnastics competitions from age 8 to 16, through USAG level 9. After fracturing my tailbone I decided to call it quits on the competition part of gymnastics, but I wasn't quite ready to alienate myself from the sport completely. I worked as a coach at my small "home gym" in St. Augustine, Florida called Island Gymnastics for two years until I graduated High School in 2006. I worked mostly with the competitive team, choreographing floor and beam routines and working with the girls on dance and tumbling. Majority of the content for this site came from my own knowledge and experience as both a competitive gymnast and coach.

I am now a student at the University of Florida majoring in Journalism. I still miss gymnastics and I try to go to open gym at the YMCA whenever I can. I also enjoy watching the Gator Gymnastics teams at their competitions. Gymnastics is a sport that takes a lot of determination and hard work and I thoroughly admire these girls for getting to that level.

I would encourage anyone to get involved in gymnastics. It is an incredibly rewarding sport, both mentally and physically. It teaches focus, determination, confidence and strength. For more information on how to find a gymnastics program near you visit the USA GYMNASTICS Web site.

I would like to thank my friends Emily Masters, Samantha Drake, and Vanessa Martinez for helping me take pictures for the slideshows! Thanks everyone.